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Hail Touched Apples – Qurost Orchards


Same Taste. Same Quality. Same Nutrition.
Red Delicious Apples with Hail Marks.

Boxes of freshly picked apples with hail marks from Qurost Orchards.

We’ll pick the apples from the trees on the last day of the dispatch week selected.

Approx. 2kg (12 to 20 Apples)

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Same Taste. Same Quality. Same Nutrition.
Red Delicious Apples with Hail Marks.

In today’s special, we are discussing the most dreaded topic any Apple grower will wince at.

Hail and Hail Touched Apples.
The nemesis in the life of any Apple cultivator!

What you see in the pictures are Apples which are a result of heavy hailstorms during the nascent stages of apple size development. The result is an apple with permanent hail marks on it.
These apples require the same amount of toil on part of the farmer that a clean apple requires, the only tragedy being an event completely out of our hands – an unforseen Hailstorm.

To understand this better, unlike an apple that would fall and get dented which would result in it developing rot, Hail Touched Apples are, simply put, Apples with Hail Marks resulting in NO rotting.

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

If compared to a completely clean apple with zero hail marks, there is absolutely NO difference in terms of Taste, Quality and Nutrition.
These resilient Hail Touched Apples taste as great as any other apple we produce on our farm and have the exact same Nutrition profile!
We are putting up these apples, which are beautiful in their own unique way, on our website to be enjoyed by everyone.

You can straight away dig into these apples or you can use these to make yummy jams, Apple sauce and pies and even Fruit leather!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments or DM us on social media or WhatsApp and we will be more than happy to assist you.
We at from.shimla look forward to you enjoying these Red Delicious Apples with Permanent Hail Marks 🙂

When the apples are small and delicate, hail storm of just few minutes are enough to mark them.

Shipping Pan India

Additional information

Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 53 × 33 × 11 cm
Dispatch Week

15 August to 21 August

1 review for Hail Touched Apples – Qurost Orchards

  1. Kapil

    This is the first time I bought fruits from an online portal & really not at all disappointed. These apples were nice, crispy, fresh and so tasty! delicious! It was so juicy that look like naturally riped in a garden without using chemicals. The overall quality & size of all the apples delivered were very good. Shipped out on time!! Packed in a super strong box & when I opened up, they packed in a Form Fruit Net & settled on a card tray & whole given in the box for ventilation to keep the apple as fresh as it is just plucked from the tree, really thoughtful!!! I would highly recommend this site and seller for all your needs. I will be shopping here!! You can’t beat service!! Thank you so much!! Have a great day.

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