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Golden Apples from Bagh Dhar, Kotkhai

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A box of Sweet and Tangy Golden Delicious Apples (4 kg) shipped only when the apples are picked from the tree in our own orchards in Rohru, Jubbal and Kotkhai region of Shimla.

Plucked when its green in colour but you can keep in the box to ripen it even more if you like it sweeter.

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‘Golden Delicious’ is a yellowish-green skinned apple and¬†sweet and tangy to the taste.
It is a favourite for salads, apple sauce, and apple butter.
Bagh Dhar, situated at 8000ft above sea level in the upper reaches of Kotkhai surrounded by lush pine forests with a natural stream flowing through it enriching the orchard with minerals. It was planted in the early 1980s by the local headmaster Mr. Chet Ram Kalta and is now being managed by the third generation of a mother son duo, Mrs. Sarita Kalta and Akshay Kalta.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 52 × 31 × 11 cm


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