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Naturally Grown Royal Apples – Kamaal Bagh


Boxes of freshly picked Naturally grown apple from Kamaal Bagh.
We’ll try pick the apples from the trees close to the last day of the dispatch week selected.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Naturally grown apples – 100 % chemical and fertilizers free

Growing fruits is a choice but selling is not. Consumers choose looks over taste and that’s why russet, rashes, insect bite spot or hail marks fruits are rejected straightaway. So we as farmers choose harsh but helpful chemicals for spray.

Here at Kamaal Bagh, we have dedicated a part of our orchard to natural and healthy farming.The apples may not look good but they are completely free from any harmfull residue. We don’t even spray pesticides which are otherwise accepted in Organic farming like copper, sulphur or emultion based oils.

Infact we use Subhash Palekar ji’s techniques to make our own repellents like Drekastra, Neemastra etc. For nutrition we spray sptdhanyankur arka and jevaamrit to nurture the plants.

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1 August to 7 August


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