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Royal Apples from Chhajta Orchards

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Box of Royal Delicious Apples from Chhajta Orchards in Jubbal (4 to 4.5kg)

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24th September, 2020

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Royal Delicious Apples from Chhajta Orchards in Jubbal

Chhajta orchards, a family-run, regenerative, apple orchard has a legacy of producing a variety of fruits and vegetables. Established in the golden era of the 60s, the farm is nurtured with utmost love and care and it brings you the highest quality of healthy produce directly from the heavenly Himalayan mountains. At the farm, we take the responsibility of hand-picking the best fruits for you and your family as our privilege and honour so that you can enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy growing them.

Royal delicious is the oldest apple variety brought in Himachal by Satyanand Stokes in Early 1900s and is the most common variety of Apple you get across India. It is red in colour with green strips with a sweet taste.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 51 × 31 × 11 cm

Chhajta Orchards, Jubbal



Harvest Time

Mid September to Mid October


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