Orchards from 5500ft to 8029ft

Our ancestors planted these apple orchards more than half a century ago after Mr. Samuel Stokes, an American missionary brought with him some apples saplings from Philadelphia and started an apple revolution in Shimla hills.

Some of us, living and working in the cities, decided to move back to our orchards in search for a more healthy and peaceful lifestyle. With a common aim of making our fruits available to our friends in the cities, we got together to start ‘from shimla’ and soon some more friends joined in.

Kamaal Bagh


Established by Kamaal Singh Rawat in late 1800, Kamaal Bagh in commercially producing Apples, pears, Apricot, plums, walnuts since 1960s. Farm is now managed by Pranav Rawat, Mountaineer by passion and farmer by profession. He is working to rejuvenate the farm with natural farming technics, introducing new fruit varieties to add diversity to the orchard.

Qurost Orchards


Established in the 60s, Qurost Orchards is a small apple orchard in Jubbal producing apples and pears for decades, but is slowly experimenting with regenerative farming after Himanshu Khagta started managing it in 2019 with no prior farming experience. His aim is to convert the orchard into a food forest. Each year different fruits trees other than apples are slowly being planted in the orchard.

Sukhnanda Farms


Established by Mr. Rama Nand Chauhan in around 1943, Sukhnanda Farms has a history of producing apples and stone fruits. After Mr. Chauhan bought some apple trees from Kotgarh, where the apple revolution had just began when Mr. Samuel Stokes, an American missionary bought in red delicious apple saplings from Philadelphia.

Chhajta Orchards


Established by Mr. Salig Ram Chhajta in the early 1960s, Chhajta orchard has a legacy of producing various apple varieties and other fruits in its picturesque location of Roohil Dhaar in Nandpur region of Jubbal.

Bagh Dhaar


Bagh Dhar was established by Mr. Chet Ram Kalta, a local headmaster in Kotkhai, surrounded by a lush green cedar forest, the orchard offers great views and frequent visits from wildlife and fauna. The orchard is also home to more fruit varieties like pear, plum, cherries, strawberries and apricots.

The Shilaroo Project


Surrounded by the stillness of the Himalayas, The Shilaroo Project is shaped as an elemental space with an aim to develop a community system of dynamic people and practices focusing on the ideas of sustainability, productivity and above all a keen sense of awareness of self and our surroundings.

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