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Chanoli (Sour Dehydrated Apricots)

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Tangy and Sour Dehydrated Apricots
Healthy Snack
No Artificial Anything
No Preservatives
Machine Dehydrated for 92% Nutrients

Sour Homemade Dried Apricots locally known as Chanoli are picked fresh from Qurost Orchards in Jubbal region of Shimla and packed and machine dehydrated by Pranav Rawat at his home in retaining  92% nutrients.

Apricots from Qurost Farms

– Eat it raw as we do in the mountains or use few to make a chutney.
– As eating too many apricots is not good for stomach, eating a packet of Chanoli is like eating 600gms of fresh apricots. So do not eat a lot in one go.

We haven’t added any preservatives so the shelf life depends on how well you keep it dry and away from moisture. So remove it from the packaging and store it in an airtight container.


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80 gm


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Tangy and Sour

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