Red Golden by Balvir & Maarisha Chhajta


A box of freshly picked Red Golden apples grown by Balvir & Maarisha Chhajta.

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Red Golden Apples

Red Golden or Red Gold as it’s commonly called, is one of the most sought after and loved apple varieties. The skin of the Apple gradually becomes red over the initial golden colour making the apple deep ‘Red-Gold’ in colour.

Sweet, Crunchy and Juicy, they also have a pinkish-red hue on the flesh inside owing to the variety gathering extra enzymes while ripening.Use them to make apple sauce or try your hand at making some great home-made Apple Cider Vinegar with them!

This particular batch is being plucked from an Orchard located at an elevation of 8000 ft. which adds to the taste, juiciness and the shelf life of an Apple.

About the Grower

After working with his father for a decade, Balvir Chhajta planted a new Orchard in the early 90s. Over the course of 30 years, with innovative farming practices, this Orchard and the Apples produced today stand as a testament to the hard work and the monumental devotion that has been poured into them.

Maarisha, after having spent time away in Mumbai and Singapore, is gradually familiarising herself with the orchards and the cultivation practices developed over 4 decades by Mr. Chhajta.


  • Store it below room temperature.
  • If you keep it at room temperature, the apples will continue ripening.

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Dispatch Week

22 August to 28 August