Royal Apples from Bagh Dhar


Traditional Apple Variety
A box of freshly picked Royal Delicious Apples from Bagh Dhar

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Royal Delicious Apples

It is sweet, has a thick skin with stripes on it. It is the most produced variety in Himachal.

About the Orchard

Planted in the late 80s, Bagh Dhar today is a vision delicately held and nurtured by Akshay and his mother, Sarita Kalta, who run the farm together. At an elevation of 8000 Ft., the orchard offers uninterrupted & pristine views of the mountains beyond and the valley below, which stir feelings of profound empowerment in one. The same elevation also makes Bagh Dhar’s Apples some of most crisp and juicy apples we have to offer, with an added plus of a higher shelf life. A creation of great love, (and a whole lot of creative day dreaming), Akshay’s vision for Bagh Dhar now is to transform it into a centre that invites one to pause and experiment with living curiously.


  • Store it below room temperature.
  • If you keep it at room temperature, the apples will continue ripening.

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3 October to 9 October