100% Chemical Free

Naturally Grown Apples by The Shilaroo Project

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Traditional Apple Variety
A box of Apple Grown using Subhash Palekar Natural Farming Method with no chemicals at all.

Note : We’ll pick the apples from the trees at any day between the dispatch week selected.

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100% Chemical Free
Naturally Grown Royal Delicious Apples

Apples Grown using Subhash Palekar Natural Farming Method. 
The marker of a Royal Delicious are the fine lines emerging from the top and scattering across the body of the apple. Thin skinned, these apples are crunchy when freshly harvested, fleshy and mildly sweet, making them perfect for people who prefer their apples somewhere in between Sweet-Tart Spectrum.

About the Orchard

A naturally farmed orchard, The Shilaroo Project grows Royal delicious apples and a variety of vegetables, stone fruit, herbs, since 2013. The regenerative farming practices do not include any store-bought pesticides or fungicide. All the sprays and fertilizers are prepared on the farm using natural ingredients and processes.

The Shilaroo Project houses yoga and pottery studios run by sisters Shubhangna and Virangna, who also conduct residential workshops at the farm.


  • Store it below room temperature.
  • If you keep it at room temperature, the apples will continue ripening.

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19 September to 25 September