Golden Delicious by Balwant Justa



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A box of freshly picked Golden Delicious Apples grown by Balwant Justa at Batar Gallu, Jubbal on 25th October

3.8kg to 4.2kg (20 to 30 Apples)

Note : We’ll pick the apples from the trees on 25th October

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Golden Delicious Apples

One of the sweetest Apples out there, The Golden Delicious when freshly plucked is light green with an underlying golden hue that deepens as the Apple ripens.
Once ripe, the skin as well as the insides turn a beautiful shade of yellow, becoming sweeter and juicier.

This is a great apple to bake with, specially when you pair it up with the more tart Granny Smith Apples.
This particular batch is being plucked from an Orchard located at an elevation of 8100 ft. which adds to the taste, juiciness and the shelf life of an Apple.


  • Store it below room temperature.
  • If you keep it at room temperature, the apples will continue ripening.

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